Resonance. A silent choreographic composition of vibration

Resonance is a barely perceptible micromovement of the entire body, between a whisper and silence. Soothing, calm, circular, of minimal amplitude. Not a lifeless position, but a trance.

Resonance is one of the parts of the choreography Whisper in my Eye, which was directed by Małgorzata Haduch with local dancers in Mexico in 2015. The concept of that piece is based on creating a score analogically to a music composition, where each of the choreographic parts has different rythm, character and melody. Investigating the possibilities of choreographic notation, Małgorzata had created a book, where the Resonance part embraces concrete directions of the dance as well as abstract indications, free to individual interpretation.

Based on that script, young choreographers are approaching the choreographical pattern. Abstract imagination coming from various stances to rezonations requires artists to dive into their bodies to interpret the piece.