The goal of our work is to realize artistic activities. The challenge we took up is to put ideas into practice. We believe that our work has qualities of a performance – it’s the cooperation of others that gives it meaning. What we mean by “performance” is: an action that changes the surrounding reality. We engage in projects having that as their goal.

Our activities span:

  • Dance: our main area of interest. We organize Idiom Festival (a Polish dance review in Prague), dance education projects (2017: MOVE_LAB!, 2015: Movement Zone) as well as theater education ones (2017: Teatr DJ Teatr(re)mix).
  • Theater: we’re the publisher of “Teatralia” Internet magazine, we offer media sponsorship, and we’re present at the most important Polish premieres and festivals.
  • Lower Silesia: its history fascinates us, we re-read it in art-educational projects (2016: Swidnica Rhapsody. Maria Kunic, 2015: Present Time Capsule).
  • International cooperation: the area we find new inspiration and develop Polish-Czech art exchange (2017: Granica/Hranice, Idiom Festival).
  • Education: we conduct workshops, lectures, and meetings. We prize artistic and cultural education of children and adults.