IDIOM 2017

Idiom 2017 employs a new approach to the project. By arranging art residency programs of two Polish choreographers, Małgorzata Haduch and Irena Lipińska, who will cooperate with Prague artists, we want to create a chance for an inspiring meeting of Czech and Polish artists, and to open our activities to an element of surprise and process instead of a finished product.

The subject matter undertaken by both residency programs will be the relation between _imagination/interpretation, and their field of study will be new choreography and experimental music.

We have invited Irena Lipińska, a Wrocław-based choreographer and performer, and Małgorzata Haduch, a Cracow choreographer and pedagogist. Lipińska will cooperate with a Czech musician, while Haduch will lead a three-person dance group, who will work on a given subject under her supervision. The original works created during this residence will first be presented in Czech Republic (on October 15th and 22nd), and later in Poland.

Residency of Małgorzata Haduch 

Residency of Irena Lipińska

This year we wish to develop the idea of Idiom Festival and keep focusing on the idiomatic (concrete) features of dance and movement. However, this time we want to talk about experiences that seemingly can be neither described nor expressed verbally. Paradoxically, it is that inability to discuss or imagine them, which makes them idiomatic. We want to find in dance and choreography that, which, colloquially speaking, is “unimaginable”.

Artists’ residency stay in Prague will serve to develop original choreographic projects regarding these notions which seem difficult to imagine, but eventually may become verbalized: the _imagination/interpretation relation. Her starting point will be the indescribable: the symptomatic sphere, which in dance is usually associated with difficulties in naming and defining. This chorographical research will contain experiments in order to check how much does the indescribable affect choreography (e.g. during a dance that is improvised, or reacts to other stimuli, such as music); to what degree choreographers use the imagination of their object of study, how they understand verbalization trough movement, and what tools they use to describe their actions. How does the sphere of the indescribable begin to manifest in dance, why dance is an art form that is so difficult to describe, what does it mean to say that movement is the universal language of expression, and how to talk about this experience.

Residency dates: 12th–15th October (Małgorzata Haduch), 16th–22nd October (Irena Lipińska)

Final shows will be performed on 15th and 22nd of October 2016 in Cross Club in Prague (free admission,

Organizer: Performat Foundation

Partners: European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016, Artist in Residence Programme AIR Wro, Cross Club 

The study visit of Irena Lipińska in Prague is organised within the framework of Partner Programme of Residencies and Study Visits Culture of Mobility, which is organised by the Wrocław 2016 Office within the framework of Artist In Residence Programme AIR Wro.